The Peaceful-Like Modpack

Bliss is a modpack for Minecraft Java 1.18.2, running on the Forge Mod Loader - it is designed to create a Faux Peaceful gameplay style, with relaxation, accessibility, and blissful abnegation in mind.

Peaceful, without Peaceful

Bliss wants to create a relaxed gameplay style, without any risk or stress for the player. The pack is played in any difficulty of your choice, but combat situations are always on the player's terms. To that effect, monsters will not attack you unless you attack them first.

Multiple other tweaks are done to the game to accomplish this effect. Here's a non-exhaustive list of what you can expect from the pack:

Designed for Accessibility

Bliss is designed to allow anyone to be able to enjoy it, regardless of experience with Minecraft, modded or not. The mod list is carefully chosen to be impactful but relatively small, allowing anyone to adapt to the new content without feeling overwhelmed.

Furthermore, the pack is fully playable with any XBox compatible controller, including the Adaptive Controller. Using the Controllable mod and custom mod keybind controller bindings, you can enjoy it in the way you find most comfortable.

Some other accessibility based changes were done, such as disabling potentially nauseating Field of View changes by default, or turning off the Elder Guardian jumpscare visuals. You can even press a specific button to engage automatic walking.

Audiovisual Experience

Bliss includes a built in configured version of the Complementary Shaders, as well as a custom dynamic soundtrack sourced from D. C. Kariri Sawler's Adventurer's Journey. The image you're seeing in the background is an unedited screenshot of the pack, with no changes to the mods.

Complementary's config in the pack is tuned for a color palette that's closer to vanilla, as well as generally less bright and bloom heavy. As for the soundtrack, we are rocking 38 different tracks, which play based on the current ingame situation, using parameters such as your current biome, depth, time of day, proximity to home, and more.

Wiki Free

Using the documentation system first introduced in Crucial 2, Bliss contains all the information you need to know to play it right from within the game.

In your inventory, you'll find a Bliss Guide button, explaining some of the most important aspects of the pack. To your right, you'll see a list of every item, allowing you to check for Recipes, Uses, and even custom bits of information we left there for you, so you're never lost.

Pick Your Difficulty

Bliss plays differently based on what game difficulty you pick. While the main recommended difficulty is Normal, you can bump it up or down to Easy or Hard, with meaningful changes to how the game plays.

Consistent and Tuned

As a final cherry on the cake - a lot of effort went into configuring all the mods in here to be fully consistent and well tuned to create a cohesive experience. Our objective is to make you feel like you're playing a great game, not a pile of mods.

Anything that isn't used is hidden from view. Recipes are changed, textures are changed, names are changed. All with the intent of making the experience feel curated and professional. We hope you find it so.

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